SGA Express

Executive Initiatives

Catholic Values Initiative

The Catholic University isn't just our name, it is a symbol of our direct connection to the Holy See. As students of the only official Catholic university in the United States, it is our mission and our responsibility to embrace, promote, and celebrate our Catholic values. We do so with a great of admiration for our own identity as well as a deep respect for other faiths on campus. We will research issues on campus and program events based on this vital part of who we are.

Athletics Initiative

Our student athletes deserve a campus that shares their passion for athletics. Whether you play for the university's team or on an intramural team we want to promote and increase our campus enthusiasm for all the great things that happen in the DuFour Center. We will research important issues our student athletes are facing and turn that research into real action through legislation. 

Health and Wellness Initiative

The mental and physical well-being of our student body is critical to our success in both our academics as well as our extracurricular activities. If we can help our students with this, we will be improving our campus community as a whole. We will research current issues that are important to you NOW and program events to bring a positive on campus living to you.

Green Initiative

As Catholics, we are called by God to be good stewards of the earth which He created. This Initiative will focus on improving on our campus' current policies as well as researching new ideas to address the green related issues here at CUA. Promoting a clean and sustainable environment is beneficial to all of humanity. 

Diversity Initiative

This team will work in conjunction with the Center for Cultural Engagement to ensure every student's voice is heard by the administration with equity. This initiative will research these related issues within the CUA community and make recommendations on how we can continue our inclusive policies on campus.