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Learn more about SGAs legislative body
The Senate is comprised of twenty six Senators with two Senators from each class and two Senators from each academic school who are elected in October and serve for the remainder of the academic year. The SGA Vice President, Weston Kirby serves as the presiding officer of all Senate sessions.  

There are currently five standing committees in the Senate: Rules and Administration, Academic Affairs, University Services, Student Resources, and Campus Life. Each committee is responsible for a particular area of expertise. Committee chairs are elected by the Senate body at the first session.

More information on the Fall election forthcoming!













Find your senators below!​

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Owen Crowley 
Katie Troilo

Michael Klein 
Joe Colucci

Class of 2021

Class of 2022

Gemma del Carmen 
Gerald Sharpe 

​Joseph Arbie 
Ally Kilgore

School of Architecture

School Arts and Sciences

Juliana Fitzsimmons 
Mason Reinhart 

Cavan Hagerty 
Alexander Santana 

School of Business

School of Engineering

Rachel Garfield 
Nick Spinelli

Leo Nardo 
Kaitlin Shanahan 

School of Music

School of Nursing

Leigh Calotta 
Anthony Vincent

Cecilia Bracey 
Aaron Mackisey 

School of Philosophy

School of Social Work

Emanuel Montesa 
Victoria Turner 

Melissa Zentz 
Gerard McNair-Lewis 

School of Theology

Alec McGuire
Cornelius Deep